January is the one time of year when things slow down, making it a good time to focus on your professional and personal development. So tune into January@GSAS, a two-week series of seminars, workshops, and recreational opportunities designed especially for GSAS students to help you make the most of the winter break. Build your professional skills, prepare for your career, and master some new interests. January@GSAS 2017 will run from January 9th — 20th!

GSC Mini-Courses

Each January, the GSAS Graduate Student Council sponsors a series of mini-courses on a broad variety of intriguing topics. These noncredit courses, taught by GSAS students for GSAS students, engage topics of discipline-spanning appeal; they’re stimulating and smart, but they’re designed for a diverse audience of nonspecialists. See the list of January@GSAS 2017 GSC mini-courses here!