Costs: Tuition and Fees

Costs: Tuition and Fees

Costs/Financial Residence Requirements

Students are required to register officially from the time they enter a degree program until they receive the degree. For PhD candidates in the first two years, the full rate of tuition is charged. In the third and fourth years, students are charged reduced tuition; thereafter, they are charged a Facilities Fee while in residence. Nonresident students with Leave of Absence or Traveling Scholar status are charged, at minimum, the Active File Fee. (See the chart below.)


Tuition and Health Service Fee 2013-2014 (subject to annual increases)

Full Tuition— required first two years of study  $38,888
Reduced Tuition — required third and fourth years of study 10,112
Facilities Fee — required post-fourth year of study 2,574
Active File Fee — minimum charge for approved nonresident status 300
Harvard University Student Health Plan (HUSHP) Fee
HUSHP Basic:
Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) Fee (required) 
HUSHP Supplemental:
Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Hospital/Specialty and Medco Prescription Drug Coverage

The estimated budget (below) does not include costs of travel or summer support, fees for required tests, application fees, or such initial expenses as home furnishings. Your individual expenses may vary from these figures.


2013-2014 Estimated 10-month Living Expense Budget (Single Student)

Books and Supplies $          900
Apartment Housing including utilities 13,970
Dormitory Housing 6,290 - 9,878
Meal Plan for dormitory residents 2,120
Food 5,280
Miscellaneous 5,630

Depending on the cost of rent, a single student can expect to require approximately $1,900-$2,500 per month for room, board, and miscellaneous expenses.