Directors of Graduate Studies

Directors of Graduate Studies 2013-2014

African and African American Studies Department Marla Frederick

American Studies Jennifer Roberts

Anthropology Department Susan Greenhalgh

Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Erica Naginski

Astronomy Department Ramesh Narayan

Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine Bjorn R. Olsen

Biological Sciences in Public Health Committee Brendan Manning

Biology, Molecular and Cellular Catherine Dulac

Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Jonathan Losos

Biophysics Committee James Martin Hogle

Biostatistics David Wypij

Business Economics Committee John Korn

Celtic Languages and Literatures Tomas O Cathasaigh

Chemical Biology Suzanne Walker

Chemical Biology Daniel Kahne

Chemical Physics Committee Matthew Shair

Chemical Physics Committee Allen Aloise

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Allen Aloise

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Matthew Shair

Classics Department Emma Dench

Comparative Literature Karen Thornber

Earth and Planetary Sciences Department Eli Tziperman

Earth and Planetary Sciences Department David Johnston

East Asian Languages and Civilizations Wai-yee Li

Economics Department Alberto Alesina

Engineering and Applied Sciences David Brooks

Engineering and Applied Sciences David Clarke

Engineering and Applied Sciences Daniel Jacob

Engineering and Applied Sciences Leslie Valiant

English Daniel Donoghue

Film and Visual Studies Carrie Lambert-Beatty

Forestry David Foster

Germanic Languages and Literatures Judith Ryan

Germanic Languages and Literatures Eric Rentschler

Government Department Steven Levitsky

Health Policy Committee Katherine Swartz

History Department Erez Manela

History of Art and Architecture Maria Gough

History of Science Department Katharine Park

Human Evolutionary Biology Peter Ellison

Inner Asian and Altaic Studies Mark Elliott

Linguistics Department Gennaro Chierchia

Linguistics Department Jay Jasanoff

Mathematics Department Mark Kisin

Medical Sciences David Cardozo

Middle Eastern Studies Committee Cemal Kafadar

Middle Eastern Studies Committee Susan Kahn

Music Department Kay Shelemay

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Piotr Steinkeller

Organizational Behavior Committee Jeffrey Polzer

Organizational Behavior Committee John Korn

Philosophy Department Mark Richard

Philosophy Department Christine Korsgaard

Physics Department Masahiro Morii

Political Economy and Government Robert Stavins

Psychology Department Jesse Snedeker

Public Policy Committee Robert Stavins

Regional Studies - East Asia Committee James Robson

Regional Studies: Russia, E. Europe, Central Asia Alexandra Vacroux

Regional Studies: Russia, E. Europe, Central Asia Terry Martin

Religion, Committee on the Study of Parimal Patil

Romance Languages and Literatures Janet Beizer

Slavic Languages and Literatures Stephanie Sandler

Social Policy Jason Beckfield

Social Policy TBA

Sociology Department Jason Beckfield

Sociology Department Frank Dobbin

South Asian Studies Michael Witzel

Statistics Department Edoardo Airoldi

Statistics Department Natesh Pillai

Systems Biology Timothy Mitchison

Systems Biology Andrew Murray